Priya Dutt

Smt. Priya Dutt

Member of Parliament

My Vision

Youth Affairs: India is one of the youngest countries in the world, with a population of over 50 crore in the youth category. This youth power is one of our country’s greatest resources if channelised correctly. Great impetus must be put into youth development, and I intend to initiate programmes centred on youth development, self-empowerment and education.

Infrastructure Development: For bettering the lives of the people of my constituency my major concern is refining infrastructure within our area. I set up elaborate plans with serious deadlines and priorities. My priorities are roads, water supply drainage, sanitation, health care and transport.
Women’s Welfare:
Being a woman, it is my moral responsibility to address this issue. Women form the backbone of our social structure, and I will do everything in my power to strengthen this backbone.

Sport & Recreation: Ironically, a fun thing like sports needs to be taken more seriously. I will initiate measures to improve sporting facilities, and make them more accessible to every strata of society.

Peace & Communal Harmony: The fundamentals of my philosophy, efforts to propagate peace and communal harmony will continue not only in my constituency, but the country and world at large.

Social Activities

Peace March (1987): It was a time when the country was under a cloud of violence and communal discord; when words like terrorism and racism were becoming a major share of everyday discussion. Punjab was going through a terrible turmoil. A gesture of peace, brotherhood and a healing touch was most needed. Putting our life in danger, I accompanied my father on a 78 days peace march from Mumbai to Amritsar, covering a distance of over 2700 kms with a message “Give Peace a Chance”. This walkathon gave me unforgettable insights into the real India. These were the learning years and issues as these touched me deeply.

Nuclear Disarmament: My father was a stalwart of the doctrine of Peace and strongly pursued the philosophies of the great Mahatma Gandhi. He taught us the values of brotherhood, understanding and non-violence. In 1988, my father along with like-minded people and myself went to Japan to spread the message of Gandhiji. On 6th March 1988, we marched from Nagasaki to Hiroshima, Japan for World Peace and Nuclear Disarmament. Many may question the results of our efforts, and to them I say “I tried, did you?”

Nargis Dutt Mobile Hospital: Equipped with a minor operation theatre, X-ray machine, ECG, pathology setup, ENT specialist and doctor’s cabins, designed to specially benefit the poor.

Gandhigiri March: Peace march on Oct.2, to bring about awareness and spread the message of Peace and Ahimsa.

Mumbai Blast 2006: Easy admission of injured to hospitals, arranging for medical supplies, help line to assist relatives, quick release of funds to deceased and injured.

Rajiv Gandhi Computer Education Project: Every year during summer and Diwali vacation free computer education classes are conducted. Over 3000 are trained in this project. This course includes various job oriented computer courses meant for educated unemployed and economically underprivileged. This computer education is imparted not only to students but also to housewives and senior citizens.

Anti-drug campaign: Campaigns in Mumbai especially slum areas, focused on issues like early detection, treatment, counselling and gearing up families as a support system for addicts.

AIDS: awareness campaign focused on the Red Light area and other sections of society.

Spastic Society of India: Rehabilitation and inclusive education and improving their chances for employment in the real world. Presently, one of the Trustees of the Spastic Society. Also, I chair the Fundraising and Networking Committee, which deals with community participation and corporate involvement