Mr. Sher Singh Madra

Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Sher Singh Madra

Mr. Sher Singh Madra, was raised in Haryana, India and in New Delhi with family members who were diplomats. Mr. Madra, after obtaining his education, left India for Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, he became a banker with the Bank of India, and gained fluency in Cantonese.

After a decade in Hong Kong, Mr. Madra left for the United States where he rose the ranks in the Banking industry. He established himself as a Senior Executivebanker with Citigroup,accumulating forty years of experience in International Trade and Finance. Mr. Madra, as the Director of Citibank’s Global Trade and Finance Department was responsible for maintaining relationships with key commodity traders, exporters, energy producers, manufacturers, electronics distributors and paper producers. He helped the largest corporations in the world such as ADM, Cargill, Caterpillar, John Deere, GE, Louis Dreyfus, Mitsui, Westinghouse, and others, with their financing needs and global business.

Due to these efforts, Mr. Madra received a number of awards and accolades at Citibank, including numerous Gold service awards from then Chairmen of Citibank, Walter Wriston and John Reed.

Mr. Madra currently operates his own International Trade and Finance company, BKM International Incorporated. BKM has assisted in providing financing and expertise to a number of power project entities as well as, small and medium enterprises. Further, he has exported and imported certain commodities based on relationships within India and Asia.Additionally, he has assisted in the creation of a number of joint venture opportunities. As part of his professional efforts, he is a member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, recently finished his tenure as the Chairman of an exclusive organization of credit, trade and finance executives, is currently the President and long standing member of the Manhattan Lions Club, and is a charter member of the Hicksville Rotary Club. He continues to support a number of charitable organizations as well.

Mr. Madra remembers his roots and has demonstrated that by being a stalwart supporter of the American and Indian Community. For example, he was President of the Haryana Chapter of the INOC(I) USA and now he is a Chairman of INOC Haryana Chapter. Heis a staunch believer that the ideals of secularism and democracy should be the bedrock of a long standing and growing relationship between the United States and India. He continues to support the growing India-United States relationship, which, he feels is necessary for the long term success and security of both countries.

Further, he is the former President of the NargisDutt Memorial Foundation and has been engaged with this organization for many years in a variety of roles. The NargisDutt Memorial Foundation is a well-known and well-established organization (over 37 years in existence) that has provided cancer detection equipment to various nonprofit healthcare organizations for the treatment of the impoverished and indigent in India. He has shown a great commitment to this foundation as he has shown throughout his career in his various roles with the deep understanding that he could not have accomplished so much without the aid and support of his wonderful wife and children.


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