Shakir Mukhi, MD

In Memoriam Lifetime Achievement

Shakir Mukhi, MD

When they are amidst you, you do not pay much attention to what they have been doing, but when they leave this world, you feel a void, a void that is difficult to fill. Dr. Shakir Mukhi was such a person. He was like thousands of silent unsung and unknown heroes. He was a God-conscious human being, a physician, a successful business man, a loving husband, a compassionate father and a community advocate.

Dr. Shakir Mukhi, a Founding Member of Nargis Dutt Foundation, who popular among Indian Americans and passsed after a brief illness in New York on Friday, February 7th, 2014. He was a philanthropist who was known in community as a man who helped the needy irrespective of his caste or creed.

He served as the executive VP of Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, VP of Indian National Overseas Congress, and board member of AAPI for Asian communities. He was a Human Rights Commissioner for Nassau County Long Island since 2001.

A graduate of M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar, he had been serving the Long Island and Queens communities for the past several years as a Family Physician. He completed his residency training from Catholic Medical Center Hospital in Family Medicine, Queens NY. He was popular among his patients for his compassion and kindness.

A philanthropist to the core we honor his memory in by remembering him for all his charitable and community activities.


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